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The Property Marketing Company has been working with estate agents, lettings agents and property developers for over 20 years. As property marketing and brand experts, we know that the essential ingredient for property marketing is people; if people like you, like what you do and like the way that you go about things, then they will want to work with you and recommend you.

Apart from being really nice and honest people ourselves, the TPMC team understand property marketing and how to build a brand through a community. We’re all local consumers ourselves, so we know how unimaginative some property marketing can be.

Countering the online estate agents

Many much-loved estate agents are struggling to compete with online agents because consumers will look first at the price comparisons.  We all know that a good service is not just about price and that is why we do things differently and help local high street estate agents and lettings agents not only counter this new threat, but help them to become the top agent in their area.

We’re different – we know how to disrupt the property market and show it in a new light. Online should work alongside offline, so that customers have a choice, and as most people are online these days, the two can work hand in hand, beautifully.

Our team is made up of marketing guru’s, top designers and communications experts. On top of that we have worked inside and with estate agents and property developers for many years, so we know how it all works!

We’re here to prepare you for the exciting digital age of property marketing and to see your name as the number one property brand in your area.

We hope that you will already feel inspired and we would really like to help boost your sales and reputation.  Why not give us a call on 01462 432303 and see where it leads?

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