Countering online estate agents

The estate agent market has been significantly disrupted over recent years with the onset of online only estate agents.  Many of the early offerings sounded too good to be true, and in many cases they were!  But we always say that competition is good for business, as long at it is fair.

Online only estate agents have fine tuned their offerings more recently, leaving many high street sales and lettings agents feeling nervous and unsure how to respond.  Independent agents are probably feeling the pinch more than bigger franchises because a) they don’t have the right digital skills or b) they don’t have the budget to invest.

How can high street sales and lettings agents counter online agents?

Let’s face it, everyone looks online now for properties and usually via the big property sites like Rightmove or Zoopla. Most estate agents list their properties on these sites, but what about those looking to sell or let their properties?  The online agents are certainly tempting because of the savings, however the majority of consumers still feel more secure using a local agent – but how do they choose one?

Rates are still a factor, however what we have learnt over the last few years is that people still use brands that they are emotionally engaged with. Yes, we still help agents to advertise using creativity and integrated digital platforms, but the most powerful marketing of all is when local people tell other people how good you are without you actually having to advertise! Now that is clever marketing!

At TPMC, we not only get out customers to appear at the top of Google (which is essential), we also use local engagement tactics using video, social media and events that people love to talk about, all facilitated by the local high street sales and letting agent – in fact, these tactics are so powerful that our customers have actually cut their advertising spend and increased market appraisals AND become No. 1 in their area!

It is therefore not only possible to counter the online agents, but you can beat them hands down without reducing rates.   Why not get in touch and we can take you through our clever property marketing techniques and show you just how powerful they are.  Call us today on 01462 432303.


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