The Property Marketing Company has been working with property developers, landlords and estate agents for over 20 years. As marketing and brand experts, we know that the essential ingredient for property marketing is people; if people like you, like what you do, and like the way that you go about things, then they will want to work with you and recommend you. Apart from being really nice and honest people ourselves, the TPMC team understand property marketing and how to build a brand through a community.


Brand is everything today and strong brands always come out on top. Because there is so much noise, you need to stand out, differentiate and engage with local people on a one to one basis.

Photography Video

TPMC have created localised viral videos that engage whole communities. TPMC created 2 engaging videos for Country Properties in Hitchin, Hertfordshire and they went viral within hours of going online.

Social Media

TPMC’s social media expert help deliver more market appraisals, provide great ideas for sharing and create more sales opportunities for you. Call us today to get started!

Direct Mail

Direct mail works incredibly well for Estate Agents; developing leads, creating phone calls and generating market appraisals. Of course, creativity sells and at TPMC we call it ‘performance driven’ direct mail because we do things differently and in ways that will out-perform any traditional direct mail.

How To Be The Number One Name In Local Property Marketing

  • When we decided we wanted to showcase Hertford, the town in which we both live and work through the use of “Video”, we chose to approach TPMC because their body of work exhibited everything we wanted to be associated with;

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  • The estate agent market has been significantly disrupted over recent years with the onset of online only estate agents.  Many of the early offerings sounded too good to be true, and in many cases they were!  But we always say